Monday, July 4, 2016

Good Day to Back and Go

I feel sorry to leave my blog pretty long. Guess how much? About three years and I don't think I will do better this time. I think my writing in this blog will be intermittent and uncertain.
I'm grateful to fill my life outside this blog and experience many new stuffs.
I also apologize for my past self which somehow disturbed you with my follow for follow. I'm not buying those things again.
I could not promise this blog to be very active.
I have been accepted in national university in my country, majoring chemical engineering and I'm cocksure it will be very hectic. The engineering also implies that I won't be exceeding certain limit in styling up. I choose basic and comfy clothes most of time. I don't have an abundance of leisure too.
Maybe you're asking what did I do for several years?
I put my eyes and heart on my study. Microscopic world took my interest all of the sudden and that's why I choose chemical engineering.
I attended olympiad class in my school. My school was not very outstanding in academic competition but they did support me so much. I'm lucky I won bronze medal in my second chance.
I hope I can do much but I still got works to do. Hope you all have a good day.

Here are some nice photos I've taken these past years.

  a bit of fashion part?

  a bit academic side?

Making new amazing friends on national olympiad camp!

we had fun during camp too!!

We enrolled by chance!

My friend, Hugo, my math tutor and excels at almost everything! He can speak many languages and I'm still muttering English!

squad(?), and best friends I found in SHS!

Friday, December 27, 2013

White Tart and Jack

I think it's been pretty long since the last time I said I would post something new. I'm sorry as you see there are many unpredictable things to do. However, I manage to recover from stiff problem
Today we would like to introduce you !

I believe it's not a mere issue if there are many online shop with overprice stuffs. Ah I can't tell now but I would love to introduce that has realistic price for stuffs you bought. And the quality ? got A+!

You must have seen this kind of shorts everywhere right? BUT IF YOU'RE A THRIFT, YOU WOULD LIKE TO COMPARE THIS SHORTS PRICE ON EVERBUYING.COM with other shop. Just google this shorts and see how other shops are overprice.
And if you're a thrift but a stylist( well being logical about the price but keep stylish) you must choose
They have the fastest shipping (according to how you choose the shipping), best quality, cheap(if cheap is relative then I would say it's logical price), and guarantee the safety of your things to arrive.
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 Tartan clutch that I forgot to wear when I posed. By the way buy the sparkling necklace at


Monday, December 9, 2013

Some Recent Activities

Heyaa! It's december again! Not really sure if anyone notice this post like usual, a fashion blog thought post in my fashion blog is underrated. Well I don't think someone cares when I'm telling b*llsh*t here.
I just want to share my recent activities. I am interested in chemist recently. I learn it more and have homework to do.
I know my photos quality is still bad I feel bad about it. I mean it's not easy for me to get good camera.
So, I will have some new photos post soon. Sorry if my grammar is bad here:D

Do you know that half of my face is paralyzed this week?
I think it's Bell's Palsi and according to wikipedia it can be healed without treatment. I have been thinking to go to doctor but I don't really trust them. You see, neurological doctor need to be paid and it's not cheap. I also don't really think specialist doctor is really a specialist after seeing many doctor that too hurry to diagnose his/her patients. Currently, my friend wants to be a doctor too. My teacher tells me to be a doctor because... They got many money. They're telling it in a very honest way.This day, many people is really close-minded and being greedy.
Isn't that true?
This environment demand you to fulfill your lifestyle. The cleverer you are, better job you get, higher salary for you.
But actually I don't want that. Although I've said that I must say that it's not really easy for poor people to get food so how can they get a camera?
With this condition, people's mind is being reconstructed then their mindset is about having money quickly. What a pity .... It's more pathetic when you know, a "pengemis" or beggar is richer than you! In my country, there's an odd phenomenon called a rich beggar.
So they go to Jakarta, begging for money and even earn 1000k Rupiahs or about 100 dollar a day! How lucky! And what make them looks like a bastard is after they buy car(CAR! I MEAN A REAL CAR! A BEGGAR HAVE A CAR! FROM BEGGING),They're still a beggar now.
That's what I expect from seeing many beggars here. They're no longer a very miserable people just too lazy.
I don't understand. Seriously. How can money make people this happy. and gaining money easily make them greedy.
If you're working hard, studying hard and become someone with high payment, I will at least have respect to you. Especially if what you're doing is what you like and you're doing it not for money only.

This place make someone so judgemental. They curse people that get money easily but secretly they wish they can too. But at least do some real effort. You don't want to be rich because of mercy right?

So. I am being so absurd about this post. Too many feelings to revealed.
Especially about half of my face. It's getting better now but I can't stand cold air. When it's exposed to cold, it becomes stiff.
However, I think it's pretty interesting to know about it by yourself first before asking doctor what the hell is happening. If it's not getting better, I'd go to them.
I will make sure they know all the pain. Not only guessing. I hate doctors without ethic code... and even conscience. Doctor held a great responsibility and human's body is not a thing that volunteers to be a malpractice object.

 By the way I can understand why people say they're searching safety in religion. Even in human rights, they have right in feeling safe. Well, no one is actually guarantee our safety. Our home is not safe too.
Learn geography and see how earth can crush your body easily.
So it's better to do some good things:)
(I know it's reallyyyyy HAAARDD)

Thank you if someone reads this.
Iwill be back with new post

Saturday, November 2, 2013

What if It's a Typical Girl Problem?

Hello! I know what a bad comeback from me. I am too lazy to write anything as my crazy school is exhausting me. There are many things happened.
Such as, I love to read books again and productively finished 4 books per month or my friend is getting a boyfriend like other girls.
Thinking about this making me sure that I'm still a teenage girl with that typical girl problems. I'm also asking myself about what I used to think bad or good has changed now. I have looked some things in many perspective.
Such as is it okay to kill humanity trash or not? Then I look back about their history and how it has been so pathetic and we took their chance to change or create a new story for their life. Or about can I be a vegetarian? Thinking about how cruel killing cows. What if human is not superior species and we're just bred like chicken to wait our death... or to be eaten by other superior species?
But we claim it as what makes us special. We have mind, designed as superior in this world. And our anthropocentric ancestors even ever stated a theory about human as the center of planet because we know it from what we see... although it's not the reality.(We haven't even known if universe has a centre or not)

Over those things, I have my own typical girl problems. I have repeated it now.
I mean such as what clothing I am going to wear, is it too provocative? too ugly? not stylish? and what these conservative people think about me wearing this?
Most of all, I'm wondering is it safe to buy things via online shop? Is it really good? Will it fall perfectly on me like it is on model. Will i get flattery by wearing this?
So here is AUPIE that brings choice to our typical girl problems. AUPIE offers many clothings to satisfy ourselves. We can get inspirative collection and buy it here
Cute camo! hype it. Get it here

They sell many print jacket. I wonder how can you choose one. If you're going to, click here
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Cute shorts? AUPIE has it too!
Anyway Aupie is really a store for solving one of many typical girl problems! If you're a lazy ass or don't really know where to buy or is looking high quality clothings with reasonable price? AUPIE has it all for you. So why are you waiting? At least, you need to check out now! Aupie - Fashion Online Store

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Gosh, you can't believe how messy my life now. I was putting lifestyle label for my blog and I think it need to be re-considered! Senior High School is critically a joke as the 2013 curriculum interfering students life.
I hope I will have some time to write about my midterm test. It is starting in Thursday until the next Thursday. 3 lessons a day, no remedial, and crazy lessons combination coming. Urgh I'm not going to destroy this post

By the way this cute crop top from Chicnova ! Yes yes Chicnova
I know summer in the north of earth is ending but this crop top can be your supply! In my country, I'm not really sure to wear this everywhere but actually going to beach with this... Like a dream

I gotta tell you that this top is so perfect and comfy! What I don't expect is the elastic skirt. It makes you move freely!
Oh yeah about chicnova, our lovely store, it has a super fast shipping. I've ordered it in a day and it took no longer than 1 week to arrive. Superfasttt!
Thanks for the read and now grab the stuffs in ONE CLICK

Where to buy:
Crop top- Chicnova
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Silver Play

Woohoo! A week break! (with homeworks and tasks tiling up)
At the end, a photoshoot! that is sponsored by our cute online jewelry store, BELLAST!
Visit their site to check their latest collection!

Their new products are 925 sterling jewelries! Here is the link to the necklace I got !

I have joint Design club now!(So sad that there's no debate club) Can't wait to start!

Yeah, I took upper part of my body only because I'm confused with the footwear.Anyway it's almost eid Mubarak and for Moslem readers, Hope you a great fasting days! And yeah, Happy Eid Mubarak:)
I will post more looks in chance so keep reading guys.

Hope you LIKE my facebook here

Sunday, July 28, 2013



First of all, I want to show my appreciate to people that still reading and visiting my blog frequently. I'm so sorry that i can't feed you with many posts recently
I have been attending SHS since July and got many tasks and a very busy day
I go to school at 6'o clock and get home at 3 pm. It pretty exhausts me. When I have club schedule, I will be home at 5 pm and more. Moreover, my school always give the student tasks!
There's no weekend actually. 
So please forgive me of not replying your comment/stumbling on any blog this month and on but I promise that THIS IS STILL AN ACTIVE BLOG
I still receive your cooperation(for sponsor) and absolutely will make a post for every item you send to me. (I will make a room to take photo for it).
Thank you if you're still reading this! Wait my next post

1. I was thinking about how racism is everywhere. And this is one of the most shameful history of my country, Indonesia : May 1998's riot
Where racism turn into human blood and sexual frenzy. It's so brutal. I feel so sorry for the victims. Let's pray for them although it has been 15 years.
I also pray for peace to come to other troublesome country!
By the way this is the Chinese campaign picture of 1998's riot brutality toward Chinese race. This picture is so disturbing and pitiful but I will still post it so you know that racism is not good(AND INTERNET STEREOTYPE ABOUT ALL ASIAN LOOK THE SAME IS NOT TRUE. We LOOK ALIKE because our race is the same. At the end, you'll realize that it's not Asian or Western, everyone has a chance for having thousand twins out there)
2. Cory's death
Before I feed you with my speech, I want to express my condolence and sorry for
Cory, his girlfriend and his fans

Okay. So I don't know who the heck is Cory before this news. I am not a fan of glee. But his death BOOMING story is pretty annoying.
The first reason is because he's died of... overdose? Does it mean that he uses drugs?
And all people(no. Actually his fans) pray for him and expecting him to be an angel. (I read someone's tweet here)
This is really disturbing. When you're an actor/actress/public figure that's dying of drugs, everyone will feel sorry and expect you to be in heaven. Meanwhile if you're just one unfamous, lowborn and not a public figure- dying of DRUGS- Everyone will deprecate you and tell you "That's what you got of using drugs", "You're such a loser that can't solve your own problem' blablabla
That's such a pitiful truth in our logic
I'm not being sentimental of his death, but people should get over this attitude: Assuming your idol as GOD/GODDESS/ALWAYS RIGHT
People are more likely to defy their idol than their nation. When their idol do something bad they will say : sorry for the ..., idol is STILL human and they do it not perfectly. DON'T JUDGE
Come on
You can be a fans of someone but there's not law to prohibit you to criticize their bad action.  Don't always defy them! It will get them worse. 
I hope every fans can be open-minded. 
Common people that is using drugs also need our help and prayers.

3. Persunmall giveaway
It sucks so much! I don't get any notification of winning one! I have entered (almost all) links that you send me via e-mail. Really thanks
But I don't win one of many. Yeah, the chance is pretty low... :(
Hope one day I can win a giveaway
 Can you tell which one is me ?
 Wearing blangkon
wearing glasses

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