Friday, February 24, 2012

Red roses,White snow

After busy days,I start blogging again.ThanksforLoyal reader and thelovely comments
Sometimes I just want to be a princess,with beautiful gown and fancy beautiful face.Looking fornice outfits in my messy room is really difficult,so I always use usual and casual outfit.
These are somephotos when I was wearing dress.The red roses and white snow.
white fluffyish snow
its so pitiful when I use to be snow white,my skincolour is darker than shoes..hahaha

now red as roses!!

I have many dresses besides these(most of them are white)...But I feel happy to share some of them here

Thanks for allloyal readers;)


white dress: (i forget the brand)
red dress:Balloon
shoes:Anna Masotti

Sunday, February 19, 2012

shirts and shorts

I'm type of simple girl and i like using simple outfit,i think t-shirt and shorts are the best simple outfit
yeah you know it
looking for nice t-shirt and shorts are so easy,soo?
But if u use random shirt and shorts,you won't look stylish and no compliment
I know when we use outfits, it does not mean we have to  get compliment
But I have to admit it,as a teenage girl ,I want to seem stylish and at least someone praise my style

Everyone is unique so you can mix every style you like... so you can express yourself

angry bird t-shirt

simple cool B))

shirt and shorts are cool
Oh yeah when I tookphotograph,I was barefooted as it is in my house^^

angry bird t-shirt:darmose
chocolate shorts:American Cup Challenge
unbranded "Ilove u" t-shirt
JSK shorts

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy valentine all!
Share Love always guys! Maybe valentine is not printed in Calendar but what More important is be your valentine <3

Loyalty and understanding,loving and attention.
May this valentine blossom them more.

among parents and children,among friends,among sisters and brothers and also lovers.
The first gift in valentine is love.
The second is loving attitudes
and... the third is other gifts.Chocolate mabbe?necklace or something?

half love??
ummm sorry,I eat it

why valentine synonymous with chocolate? Because chocolate(esp black chocolate) symbolize the feeling of love.sweet and bitter.Yeah in the fact,love has sweet memories and also bitter pain.
But chocolate valentine nowaday mostly only tastes sweet,mabbe it mean the hope of sweetlove.

I heard that girls nowaday think money is a  better gift than chocolate or flower?
So how about a wallet?or a purse mabbe?
but its not guarantee with the money inside?

cute stuffs are always a cute gift
lovely necklace~

keep calm crown!
I'll be your princess in this valentine<3

and for more valentinelicious... le we hear some love song!(download link served ;))

at last,thanku and happy valentine!
I also pray for Whitney Houston so God le her at his side and happy in heaven :-)

thanks for visiting everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine with noone special

The risk of being single is like this.Valentine with noone special like me.
For some reasons,yes I call valentine as chocolate day and I think many people have same perception like me.
My friends seem will send me chocolate and greeting card(and I hope it so).
I ever read this on twitter:
Valentine's day is cancelled.Mathematical proof:14-2-12=0
I know it just a kidding but as SINGLE girl,I approve it ^^b
This photo seems cute,right?lol

But I re-consider about "valentine with noone special" I think I have many people special in my life.
There are my friends and family!! If a girl does not have a boyfriend ,it doesn'tmean that she has noone special.WOW.How wise I am.
well,I dunno know what it means,but seems cuter than heartshape

Sometime I wonder,if I was in a relationship,how to keep it longlast?
(well,sometimes we need to be serious)
then I found this

1. Start Over
When couples first get together, everything is new and exciting. They overlook the little annoying things the other person does. However, after time, the nagging starts, instead of hearing, "You look beautiful," they might hear "Why are you wearing that shirt?" read more longlast tips

what do u think?
My teacher ever said that a girl just need two attitude:

and he also said "what the used of faith without the those two attitudes";') seems legit but I think it's so right

And what do you think?its better being in a relationship or not?But surely each of them has advantages and disadvantages

So I just want to say that we can share love in valentine with everyone cause everyone is special.And don't be too obsessed being in valentine with boyfriend.;-)))

hope you like it!!

 maybe icecream for valentine??

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