Saturday, March 31, 2012

International Troll Day

Happy April Fool!!Happy International trolling day:)
don't forget .I'm watching you

 Recently I feel my cheek more gaunt ,I'm trying to compare it with my webcam photos
and my style now rather acting cute--" .Well,its awkwardv for me but I think its nice photos
Do I need to eat more?
Then my outfit today.I have no idea to write cause tomorrow I have to go to school and I will receive midterm reportcard.I hope I'm lucky this term,so my effort will not be vain then

then Last,about Jessica Jung again.i drew her but its not look alike :(

Thursday, March 29, 2012

MY collection?!

Heya!! thanks for everyone that read and like my blog.
I always say love u all and I really mean it

Just now I accomplished 3 illustrations of my spring/summer collection.HAHA,wait I haven't sew it yet... And actually I cannot sew it by myself so... I will ask tailor's help for this.But it seems I will try on one illustration.
And also,I haven't coloured these illustrations.Determining the colour drives me crazy!! So,i hope  your assistance to determine the colours

I hope you vote too what design that you like the most
this the rules.It  just for fun! But increase your fashion-critic maybe
1.Choose your favorite Illustration,You can pick more than one or maybe all
2.Pick colour that you think fit on your favorite illustration

by the way sorry if it's ugly.
For me drawing and designing have been my passion since I was a kindergaten children.Cause we have to follow our passion,follow what we want.
Fashion is a way of expression.Your style show who you are.So,creative style shows me as acreative girl,haha.Nevermind it

Many students (esp) absolutely ever heard this:POPULAR STUDENTS,GIRLS
and why they can be so intersting?I think it's because their way of thinking,rather fool and too much confident,They ARE INTERESTING
But believe the power of mind.They think their interesting and yes they are.
So?? If you want someone trust you,you have trust yourself too.Loving yourself is not selfish.Obsessed of it ,is.
And geek,I heard its trending now.Lets rise up! You dont have to care that you are geek,cause although that's boring style(for popular student) now have been so cool and mainstream:)
See that yea??Who's popular now??


illustration 1

illustration 2

last this inspiring fashion and the model is jessica jung:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its only ugly duckling before-D.I.Y

Hey loyal readers...

just now,I had a chitchat about "being inspirative" so I write this post.
About being inspirative,we have to be wise.Well,wise doesnt mean clever or such thing like that.
I think wise is a way of thinking of a person that can determine the best choice for his/her life and receive all the risk with responsibility

SO,today I'm not trying to be wise,but I hope my writting can be inspiration for everyone.

Some days before,I sew my damaged bag into collar(Actually I wish it will be collar :'()
 This is my first D-I-Y stuffs that I post.So I know it looks like ugly duckling,but you know we have to take it creatively.So,It can be look better (at least) or maybe can maximize our style

my ugly duckling before its cool

Lets try to maximize my new printed outfit.Btw this print named batik and its ORIGINALLY Indonesia's culture printed fabric ! NOT OTHER ASIAN'S CULTURE PRINTED FABRIC


What do you think?Although its only ugly duckling but it can maximize my style(I think).
And then...why I add tag its spring/summer collection?its because, I think this style is also fit on this theme.The printed is fresh for spring/summer.Although like usual,I ruin the trend.Without faded neon colour and other?
I saw a comment from MATOUSHI,she said:we make our own fashion.And I like it
I think fashion isn't always depends on trend but also everyone's unique style

thats what I think
Thanks for reading

p.s: I only appreciate the one that really read my post,as I write it in english.I dont like if U just saw the pics

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Summer Mood

Hey DEARS!thanks for reading my u all!
and yesterday I saw in my post,influential people,there are 2 people recommend it on G+ and 1 G+ on at the end I'll smile.I dont know what makes it special but thanks for recommending me on google

Approaching spring/summer,many designers has launched their newest outfits.Meanwhile I choose simple style for this spring/summer.But I still confuse what to wear on spring because I'm in mood of summer(although its so hot)
Just tell you,I was born in summer:p but in Indonesia that only has 2 seasons,soo I was born in dry season!yeah!
by the way about myself,I still have a little sadness that I cannot tell.But this quote (that I made) can represent what actually happens
"more pathetic than losing is placed as a loser"

I hope u know what I mean about feeling as a loser
But dont worry,I'mokay at all.I will post some photos but I think I look rather ugly there...nooffense for those please :(
   I bought new ribbon and accessories yesterday.And I think this ribbon is fit on summer mooc
This cute rings wich has beatles and flowers has it own meanings
Beatles represent summer meanwhile flowers represent it?
more me?
look rather ugly... but I dont care! this simplestyle will start the summer! this jeans shorts reminds me of the 80's fashion.I dont always follow the trend...cause I think simple style will be worth on summer

why sometimes I hate following the trend?because i dont like if someone uses same styleor even a kind of clothing,I'm using.It will look rather odd.So,ruin the trend will be a nice solution,won't it?
use the ribbon as butterfly tie?

p.s: if u like my post,i hopeu recommend  me on G+.thanks

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Influential people

at the end,I relieve! The test has done! I just got one result of my test.that's music. And I got a hundred.Yeay , you know it makes me exciting!
And I still hope the best for other scores.

Btw I really happy for all your support(on your comments).I appreciate it.I also hope the best for you all so what you want,you can get it.Don't forget to pray,Cause He knows what we need and what the best for us.
I also thankful to God and my parent.

My parent doesnt force me to be the best,but who doesn't want tobe the best?But parent,thanks for all support
Then my bossom friends,Yunhee,Maria,Vanmel,Jason and all SCL. (thanks for lending me notes,and disturbing me when I was studying)

Then I want to talk about"INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE"
I just thought that many people are inspiring and many people copy their "way"..But we dont have think people that copy our style,way etc are copycats.Just think like my way,we are too inspirative and influential so they inspired with us

I feel really happy when someone copy my style,it shows that I'm really influential.And in facts,I found some people that inspired with my style
First my way of saying nonsense(in Indonesia,we can call it "bacot".It rather sarcastic and then I change it to "coti". And I found someone say it too.Meanwhile noone says it before me *code*)
Then display pics on my blackberry... I found someone used it too while I was using it.I know maybe he liked my dp and got it from me.Its not my photo,of course,haha.
this is my stolen dp haha

So?Dont be angry when someone copy your style and your way to express yourself..You are just too inspiring and influential!!!


I think I'm in love with kawaii fashion,but I still love simple.So,I rarely put on accesories.Hope you like it too.I'm just an early teen so sweet style is fit on me,I think

 hey baby, I want to look kawaii.Have I looked baby face??
 dress with stipes,it will my favorite style this week ;) what do you think?
lastly,this is my favorite photo
thanks for capturing it my aunt!!


Jessi <3

Saturday, March 10, 2012

At the end,I'll smile

Hello dear.This week is a really stressful week,and it has not end
next week ,I still have to face an exhausting week.Well,I have mid-semester final exam.
That is a determination for my plan of increasing my score.Okay,I know maybe it will vain later.For what we get good scores?And whether it affects the future?I have heard many stories about clever people but at the end,they just got regular job.Meanwhile,the "stupid" one could be a boss
so all the effort and the test results,the compliments called "clever".. where did it disappear?
I actually do not want to be too obsessed but now the scores are important.It feel like save family money from economy crisis,as I can get the first rank,I will get the scholarship and only the "overall champion"that can get it
So,my obsession now...yeah,to be the "highest" and "cleverest" among my generation(and also other generation)

Last year,I got the first highest score among all in the first and second term,and I got scholarship in the first and second term
But this first term,I think I won't get it.And actually noone gets it.I think its because in my report,my  socialscience just too bad meanwhile my socialscience scores evenly 100

So ,this is my last post of a week.And if you comment here,I will assume it as prayer and goodluck.
And I will do the best,learn everything so at the end,I will smile

certificate as the first rank allover the class in seventh grade
geeky day

hey dear,I'm so confuse.Learning is just too mainstream but i'm nerdy and geeky
 but its okay.I'm fabulous geek

 look my pin !
 I like this pic.My face looks like an art

Today.I went to school for an event.I dont in mood with it so I just use what I find.
Then,back to lessons.I have books to go now

I just hope your wish.Sorry these photos are "in-hurry" photographs as I'm so busy

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blog Award

this is just my edited for all who get the award
Just this moment I received an blog award from This is my first award and I'm very happy
thanks anyway :)
love you all

- give the award to some blogs
- tell 7 things about yourself
- mention the person who gave you the award

7 things about me: lover
2.hardworker addicted
4.busy student
5.loves cat
7.loves all followers



Friday, March 2, 2012

Time Machine

Hello everyone!!!
after a really tired weekdays,I'm blogging again.This morning,I borrowed a novel from my friend,Maria.Ghostgirl.
I hope many of you know it.In every chapter,There are many interesting quotes and rhymes.Reading the story and the quotes,I feel that time time can be ignored,injustice and "rules".It always moves although we're not ready. 
we don't have time machine,that can rewind everything and mabbe we can correct the mistakes

"All we see and feel are only dream in dream"-Edgar Allan Poe

and i agree.
And I've changed,physically and mentally.And sometimes I think that:

"Its impossible to have happy  life,happiness happens but suffering rules.Cause there will be no light without shadow.For what you hope an impossible happy life.The real happiness is the bitter pain,when your life ends,that's your real happiness"

 Really nice if you consider those words
Time moves,dont stuck.RUN!Run before you leave alone in the past

baptism photos.when I was a kid

Then have you ever heard time machine-snsd?although they sing japanese(actually snsd is a korean girlband but they exist in japan and sing jpop-kpop),the melody really mean.Then I look for the meaning too.
OMG!really nice lyric!

The videois really nice too.Mabbe its ghost effect?I need to download youtube downloader for this video!!!
Alone in this slightly wide room unlike always

It’s over, guess it’s over

The story that we made went in vain

[We] fell apart this easily

One mistake, got a one regret

“No one’s perfect”

Even if I tried saying that,

Whatever I do, the wounds can’t heal

I’m going to embark on a time machine

If I would be able to go meet you again

I wouldn’t ask for more

Before it becomes a distant fleeting memory

I need a time machine oh

I need a time machine oh

The time I’m passing by alone is too slow

[This] mistake’s punishment is too heavy

The words that you last left

Up to now is replaying continuously

My heart still hurts

Just one mistake, just one regret

It’s selfish but it’s because love you

I’m going to embark on a time machine

If I would be able to go meet you again

I wouldn’t ask for more

Before it becomes a distant fleeting memory

I need a time machine

If I can jump through time and space and be able to meet you

Say, even if [we] come to the same conclusion,

there wouldn’t be any regrets for sure.

I’m going to embark on a time machine

If I would be able to go meet you again

I wouldn’t ask for more

Before it becomes a distant fleeting memory

Before our memories are forgotten

Gimme a time machine oh

Gimme a time machine oh

Gimme a time machine

But fashionista,what we can sum up is trend changes,style develop and we still love vintage,haha
unbranded top
nevada shorts

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