Monday, April 30, 2012

Regina vastata

I will face a very exhausting week education as you know,very busy and difficult.I think every student knows this feeling.
Thanks for google translate,I used it for my newest post title!!Regina vastata :D haha
"The Queen in Rotten Kingdom" can reflect what is my condition.I usually take a photo in my room,because the other room is so messy:(
But These photos are taken in dinning room so the background is so messy:]

Perfection is the main theme of this post,perfection for me,is everything you has or not but satisfy you enough.Maybe everyone sees you imperfectly,but you have to see yourself perfectly
You are perfect creation.You were born like that,enough and perfect for everything you need.Maybe you are not better than another ... but you are just you

I will write more about this in another post
My dreams,to be a designer but to be the model too:] I know Its selfish but I think we can do anything we like,not give up .... I also wanna be a lawyer and lecturer
Just enjoy my poses*sigh I'm less attarctive as a model:(

 This is rather crazy,but hopeit looks like a "French-girl"pose hahah

I feel i look older,what do you think?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Maria

hello guys.In my previous post,I said that today is special day.And this is the day,My friend ,maria was born 14 years ago.
She is my best friend.Well, i love her as my friend.She is very kind and cute. You can say that she is beautiful:)
She only invited 4 friends including me.We ate together in seven eleven and celebrated her birthday
She has many friends but I think just some of them that "really her friend" and i hope i'm include in:)
"More Friends you have,Many foes you get"

don't you think so?Even popular artist has haters.And we know popular students also have many foes,maybe they also have many fake friends.That kind in front of them but hate them so much.
Many of popular students start their relationship from "SKSD" or "Act like a good friend of someone" that they just know.I dont to limit everyone's friendship but according to manners that people leave behind now, every relationship has each stage.
Friends with benefit,fake friends,yeah it because of the nowaday friendship.Full of drama,lies and fake feeling
So?I see maria is so different with other,maybe we were destined to meet and be friends.Not full of drama to make each other feel happy but say what it is

Here she is

I felt that her birthday not like a birthday,because after we had said "happy birthday" and Gave gifts,the ambeience seems like usual.Gossiping and laughing.I don't know which is better,doing it like this or a birthday with "happy birthday" song and cake
But more important that she got older and more mature

Some days before,I really confuse what to give.She said she wouldn't get mad if I didn't give anything.But i felt it's not  good as the other absolutely will give her gift
so This is my gift
It's a cheap gift

By the way my mom gave me something

Well,then what outfit I wore to go to there?

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wanna keep in touch?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Count on Her -D.I.Y

hello...I'm back .
I feel really happy today because when I went to Emporium Mall,I saw my crush(he is in SHS now).Well,I think he don't know me well,but I do. So,what a great day!
H-2 .What day?a very special day you know.... I will tell you then.
By the way I made a D-I-Y ...I dont know what its call,so I named it "Button Up half T-shirt"
This is originally my handmade.I hope you like it

What you need?
-old T-shirt that still fit on your body size
-needle and thread
1.crop the t-shirt into half
2.tidy up the cut
3.stitch the buttonholes

and then it will be look like this

oh yeah ... I bought new cute socks...or stocking maybe

P.S:I post my daily quote on words of wisdom.check it out!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Versatile Blog Award

Hello guys...I just got my 2nd award from A's Fashion File .
Its versatile blogger award

I'm really happy if you appreciate me as well^^
-Nominate 7  bloggers
-Let them know you nominated them
-Share 7 random facts about you
- Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
-add versatile blogger award picture to your post

Well,then here are 7 random facts about me

1.I hate leech 
I have bad experience with leech...well,not bad I think.Its common for every mountain climber.But not for me!
It stick and suck my leg's blood >,< what a disgusting animal!!!
2.I'm adoring Korean fashion
You know korean fever?yes,Korean fever has plagued around the world.That also what I wrote in my english script. Besides the entertainment,I see korean fashion has develop immensely.Its progress is so unpredictable
fashion show burberryporsum....

sica jung!
3.Has an obssession of a boy that has girly face
what I can say?They look more cute than me>,<
4.I hate Kangkung(Because it reminds me of leech.Kangkung is grown in swam or muddy river that leech live in)
5.I have ability to gather many information of everything
6.I love cat as much as i love fashion
7.until this year,I eat much food without getting fat(i hope this ability will stay until old)

And so I nominated this to:

by the way,i have new page named words of wisdom .I post quotes daily from here start from yesterday.I hope u want to take a look

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Among everything

Hello guys.
Recently,i thought I dont always like comments like "cute" "nice photos" or everything that seems like beat the bush
I know my style is not that good so I hope if you are commenting...please criticize my style,as its not insulting,I will always appreciate it

I just read the last book of Ghostgirl.It inspired me as well.The author,Tonya Harley...So wise!
And yesterday,I bought cosmogirl again... Well,this is an inspiring quote

  "If you find you are different from another.Dont change"-Taylor Swift

When we are arguing why noone can make us happy..
Just think :

"do not ever expect to have a person who can make us happy because the person is not necessarily happy for himself"

so be witty ...Dont be so rely on oneself cause they also cannot stand on their own feet,Thats why we're born to be a social creature

I wanna share about a story...There is a friend of mine...That uses me like google
I dont get mad but I just wonder...Why you no cleverer??!you said you are such clever
But why ?when you are  looking for something that is common, you ask me? Or why you dont utilite the technology progress?
well,I dont want to judge
You can blame,judge and underestimate your friends and tell it to me.But you cannot find your own fault

Sorry to resemble you to your "annoying" friend.But as you know,we have to realize our own inadequancy

By the way.I think my outfit today is look like cowboy^^
Sorry for bloated belly:p
This is the summer style that I want.I supposed to use boots.But ,I use wedges... this wedges have floral motif that I think nice for spring season
I wonder whether its wedges or platform

I feel really like back to 80's era...not too vintage .But just be awesome
My wishlist is a big belt thats look like Obi...wait?what?!
Yeah thats it

And here the wedges that has floral motif inside <3

Sunday, April 8, 2012


happy easter

I'm really happy ,at the end easter! Well,I think I am not ready because ...well,easter is not about egg or bunnies so we also have to prepare our hearts.And...right! I haven't prepared my heart
About 2 weeks ago,my school suggested a day to confession at the nearest church (well,this is catholic school)
But I forgot it and I haven't confessed my sins until now.
So,thats what I mean

literally,that's not what I want.
 Easter ... I love it when I was a kid.I think it means "let's search the eggs and get the bunnies"
well,I really confuse why Bunnies and eggs always identical with easter??

So,beside its eggs searchingday... It's also His resurrection day
This is my "resurrection project":
1.move on
2.dont look the past,see the future and get scholarship
4.Succesful blogger,fashion designer,teacher,politicus
5.Love God

Then my resurrection in english
Well,Hate it...
I always use to A grammar Nazi at school but as the scumbag dumbass at my course.They are very talented students as they have education in international school
My project of making blogger....yeah to improve my english

This is my new blogger header
doyou love it???

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Happy Good friday!Thanks for Jesus Christ,that sacrificed himself for us.I will never have the love as great as his love
I'm thankful for everything:)

I have got my reportcard.And now,problem again at 88!!! I always make sure that my score in history is perfect,even the task,i always get highest score.So,how can I defeated in that?with someone that definitely has lowergrade than me.
Sometimes it makes me,oh God why?
Why I have to face all the suffering when everyone is happy.Why?
Then I remember this is good friday.He had sacrificed for me,yeah and for you surely.
His suffering was more than this,he atoned our sins.As christian,I know that we all have to carry my cross in this world.Everyone has suffering too,maybe we cannot see it

Sometimes I wonder why everyone feel ashamed of their dark past.What more important is we now.We have to be better than we were in past.
Then we can show that the bad luck one is more successful than the lucky one... the poor is cleverer than the rich.
So keep your confident,i never care if someone offend my bad crafts,so you can do it better??well be better than the best
yes,that'smy motivation!!

By the way,my outfit today rather sporty

haha, I remind myself...I dont know,maybe its me when I was a 2-year-old girl.I like to write on my room's wall.I wanted to go to school and my aunt said that I could speak like a 7-year-old girl
I miss my childhood,...
so I wore this(cause this is pink and it was my favorite colour)

lastly inspirational Korean fashion:)

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