Monday, May 28, 2012

Out And Go

I have been disappeared since some days before.Sorry for all
starting on friday,my execution days.... I will study hard to get the best.Wish me luck then<3<3

Yesterday I went to watch "Dark shadows"like I want. Hha, Johny anyway
In the next post after my tests,I will post something about outfits again... ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Prisoner

Being a student sometimes feels like a prisoner... You can stuck,trapped,locked up and many more.But I realized that B is not standing for Beauty only... I think why if we are ugly,we can have a plastic surgery meanwhile if we are fool,we cannot get a clever-brain surgery.It shows how important ability and brain.

My friends always wish for holiday(me too yeah)..Holidays make us like a free prisoner.Being a prisoner and study ??? It shows an opportunity to build future,but everyone get it as a hell,prison and more??
Rebellion,playtruant?so it is cool now?
Its not cool i think.
Beauty cannot make us satisfied,cause it doesnot stay...Or maybe wanna try more plastic surgery?That's why I Think brain,ability,charm and other necessary.

 my blazer is really vintage because this is really 80's blazer

Yesterday...there was a blackout...So dark and I grope wall,looking for candles-,-
It makes this post was postponed...But anyway just enjoy

I will go to watch "I Am" on sunday as am avenge of "Avenger":(( or maybe I will watch Johny Depp:] in "Dark Shadow"

by the way I took my last statement in my english task:famous people's biography-Sooyoung :
"She is succesful but she isn't cocky or underestimate other.But most of all,she has taught us that successful is not something to be proud of but something to be grateful by sharing your happiness with another

Monday, May 14, 2012

Too Happy

I just visited my friends blog(here) She wrote a blog about 8billionaire,that's my class! Really unique and cool.Well,she wrote it in Indonesian,but I hope google translate will be useful then

Image.That's what on my head now.I am building image like this or like that.Nice,cruel,silent,dumb,cute,etc.I dunno know what Image I'm building in myself but everyone says "Just be yourself"

How about my image?like the season?always change?why?mood.Yeah!!! Mood.My mood is really boosting today!!! So full of yayness.I will blog something exciting here.I will build a new image,cheerful and unique like usual.Cause myself is unique

This evening,I got in chat with my friend,Maria!! I asked her to help me determining,which is better?Lomo or Dslr.what a girl!!!
j    : hello
m  :hiiiii
j    :can you help me?wdyt better?a lomo or dslr?
m  :is that such a distinguish stuffs?
j    : they are Camera dear!!!!
m  :Oh....maybe DSLR..I dunno know lomo

 well,having funny,bubbly (and sometimes dumb friend) is really exciting(although you will find it annoying too!)

* then me,searching for cool camera on google *
Found this:
 my comment:   look good.COOL CAMERA!!
price: $580 NOT COOL

 the reason why I'm in need of cool camera is higher quality image
by the way I have a new hair-style 

The story behind this outfit:
1.I was wearing my old dress,now it's fit perfectly.I love the motif on it:)
2.This is a simple but cute mix n match!
3.Actually,the outer is not a part of the dress.It's my tanktop<3

What a mix n match!haha.Hope this post will encourage everyone to be more creative 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dusty Look

This week ,I'm so busy.... I feel I'm tired-looking.Many days ,I stucked on books and lessons... I'm hoping for my tests...They are really annoying I think
I don't have special schedule like other people because i'm just an ordinary student.Sometimes,I wish I can dance or something cool.But i know everything we can,we have to be grateful with it

Still remind my d-i-y?I wore it again with a short tube-top dress.The camera is not really good and the edgy cut doesn't look too amazing.

the picture is really low quality--'' it makes the edgy cut not cute:(

I just saw twinkle -snsd mv and then I saved some pics.They look dolly but not lifeless.Nowaday,many people like Barbie make-up and they look really like Barbie.I think they look beautiful but if you are a human why do you have to look so lifeless just for "beautiful" look?
I like dolly face but not lifeless.
It's art ,I think.Nice to draw but rather awkward if I see a person with lifeless Barbie look

so?Just be grateful and love yourself.Live your life and do the best cause we have only one life to live?:)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bite and Bite

Just finished an exhausting week again.So,lets celebrate weekend with snacks!!!
I want to share some pics .But the bluetooth is not working properly... So,I took time to send it to my pc>,<
I sent some.But I made a snacklist

This is from my uncle on his birthday

Ice cream ~

Snacklist,cute and sweet:

Tips for snacking:
1.choose favourite snacks as much as you want(but don't make your mom get mad)
3.don't afraid to be fat!This is why many girls are not happy.They resist something that they like for the shape.I think it is legal to snack at least on weekend.Of course,choose nutritive food for work/school day cause it will be very exhausting:p

By the way everyone.Yeah,I'm using low quality camera!! So, dont be confuse because of my low quality images.:)

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