Saturday, July 28, 2012

Undone list

Sorry everyone. I undo my last promise about posting outfit post on Tuesday :p
I really have a busy time and I have just got back from my friend's house. We were doing our tasks.

this is my friend with her cat

I have to be chuff because I have done half of my works now! But I guess I still too lazy to accomplish it. Moreover this year will be the last year of my JHS life, so many kind of school stuffs are given to us. I try and try to be patient to face many problems in school. I guess I'm happier now rather than last year. I don't know why but I dislike 8th grade. The friends are epic but you know, most of them are hypocrites. Sorry for giving them such an image, I know maybe they're actually not like that for themselves but eveyone opinion is different and it's my opinion. They always think they can do anything because they are popular. Its rather pathetic. They didn't put study as priority, play with friend is okay but not all the time I think.
The earlier day of 9th grade life, they asked their mothers to undo the headmaster's decision to rolling the classes. The teachers have been appointed to teach certain class. Now if we undo the rolling, it means I will be in 9b(and currently I'm in 9a). And automatically we will change our teachers too. So you really take delight from vexing us like that.Such a selfishness
Timeline full of such disgraced people, always wish this and that and never feel grateful. I don't know how bad your class so you say you won't able to adapt there. They say their scores are going to be decreased if the headmaster aren't going to undo her decision. Really? Friends maybe support you but don't you think that you will have new friends in new class. So what we can sum up, just be grateful. Dont you all believe that everything is for a reason?

Sorry for complainig everyone :) but I just want to share this and hear your opinion.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Aff Blog: I pass :)

Hello everyone! Firstly I'm sorry cannot post outfit post because the bluetooth device hasn't repaired yet. If it's possible ,I will post it next tuesday :)
Moreover the school has started!

By the way I bring a good news. I have passed my English presentation so I dont have any course now. And I got one of the best performance in presentation! Thanks God.

I received e-mail of affiliate program and I asked too much cause I dont know what to do. Firstly I will tell you about this online shop. This is a China based online store with more than 500000 kinds of product. I have seen the store and for fashionlover,of course they also sell many kind of outfits :)
If you want to know the store , just click here
as you see they sell many things.
Here some outfits that they sell

Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick post:New sneaker

School is approaching!perhaps it will be a last post a while.  I cannot post outfit post because my bluetooth device gets some damages*again*
But I have sent a photo about this.Have I told you that I have new sneakers? I think it's usual design from allstart but I really like the colour :)

btw I found this way to use shirt:) she's so creative
not bad i think... i own nothing.credits come to this girl 

I want to ask you.If one day a blogger died,what would happen to her/his blog? I hope I have a longlife so I can share my story here. And if I'm old and going to die,I will hand on it to my children maybe.

I will start my school on monday,I hope I have my besties as my classmates:) Aaaannd... because of that,I should prepare my books and stuffs now.See you in my next post

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quality of A Day

Now I'm 14 years 2 days old. I realized how I wasted y day yesterday by lazying around as my network device got some crashes. Today I bought new device <3 it's much better now. I should respect and appreciate time more. I couldn't take my French course yesterday and it made me boring.Fulfilling life especially youth with useful thing now! yeah


CHECK OUT MY LOOKBOOK DEARS!!! I just post some labeled stuffs there:/

I really hate some accesories that I got and my shoes that easily get damages. I have repaired it but yah... it;s trashy stuff now

I always say that I dont buy the name,I buy the design.But yeah from this,I realize that Fabrics,stitching technique and quality of a product must be considered too. I really hate every  brand that sells expensive trashy stuffs. Spending my money for something vain is inappropriately my style:/

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Am Blessed for 14 years

Oh thankyou years!You go so fast.eventually, I have been 14 years blessed. I realized how I’m not grateful this year.And it always happens again.Although I tried to change.Hope this year I can change

My experiences this recent years:
1.Changing perception film
Abraham lincoln extremely unexpected for me because the story can blend history,myth and fantasy.I rate 5 stars for it
And the ridiculous me became afraid in the whole show,thinking "Is vampire exist?"
or exactly "Has vampire ever exist?" My grandma likes telling me the story about another creature, the existence of something that settles in earth, looks like earth has many dimensions and versions for each creature.I dunno know is this a fact?
But once she said:" what is the purpose of the ancestors telling these stories and creatures that never been existed?To fear the naughty children to go sleep?"
new consideration for me: Maybe they don't exist,but ever did exist.Really hard to solve all the mysteries in this world.

2.Can you stop judging?
I find myself not a popular student and rather hard for me to find a friend that is really appealing with my style. I hate hypocrite and like-interfering-other-business people.
Do those make you happy?I think if we ignore someone we just have to keep calm and quite and it’s not what coward people do,but wise people do. Ignorance with sarcasm and anything just show your own jealousy.If you say someone is ignored and annoying.Just stop keeping attention of her/him,if you keep you attention,it means you’re jealous.What a pity on you all!

This is new album of Super Junior and will be a song of single people around the world like me(haha). I dont know how to share this but I tried.

4.Thank you for your support
Here a rainbow cake!

This is my outfit in my birthday haha. Little party first and on Sunday my mom promised me a birthday party at somewhere(I will blog it later)

My wish:

Only 3.Can I have it?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Join This giveaway (+new Nails)

Recently I'm addicted to French online course so I always spending time on it.Btw I joint this giveaway!

Maybe You mind to?
I find this from This is Real and This is Me. You can check it if you like:D

 You can win the first item Polkadot-Pink-Top or the second item, Floral-Mini-Skirt. Some things you should do :
1. Follow her blog via GFC and Bloglovin ( if you haven't follow her blog , your entry will not be counted )
2. Follow her twitter account @deniathly
3. Leave a comment with : full name , your email adress ,your name on GFC / Bloglovin and Twitter , items that you want to have , reason why you choose that items !

I choose the Floral mini skirt because I love floral motif and lacking of Skirt!Visit her blog if you want to know more :)

open internationally! Giveaway open from now and will be closed on July, 15 - 2012 ... she will announce the winner on July , 17 - 2012 through this blog and her twitter.

So sorry for all that I'm a bad blogger,really i made blog because I wanted to share everything that I like(not only fashion blogger).In my mind,I always hope myself writting everything but I'm afraid to be rejected.I like fashion,but also philosphy and politic.Science,etc. I hope you always enjoy every blog I post

Btw I'm suggesting this nailart. Nice nailpolish and polish on your nails,only IDR 30 for all nails,about $3!Unfortunately, My fore finger polished got some damages-,-
my nails

my mom polish
I will celebrate my birthday next week,my mom got me many outfits that I will post one day.
P.S: my birthday is on 6 july!

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