Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hello everyone :3 Doyou know that one of my favorite things to do is styling up? And my current favorite stuff is highwaisted and cute

I have a conservative look today and this is my current favorite look! Especially the skirt is from my favourite shop too, OASAP

I tried to enjoy my schooldays again. Still can't wait October!
cute skirt from OASAP

Bytheway pray for my teacher's baby. She was born premature and her weight is decreasing :( 

Hurry to grab out this cute stuffs too from OASAP<3

My teacher said that we should enjoy the time but keep awarn if it cause we dont know what will happen to us. Although I got many critics from her, I just accept it because Critics build people<3 Thanks for all your comments. Have a great day and happy shopping on oasap too
Top : -forget-
Outer: SCL
Skirt : Oasap

Kindly check this look on my lookbook?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Obstinate Creature

Hello everyone.I think I have irrelevant title for post again. Anyway I will commence this post about what I'll do in the future.I want to have a freelance job that doesn't bind me with deadlines.
I think I want to be an indepedent designer and has my own brand. Anyway maybe I have to start it by working in other style-company and make designs for certain brands. But I believe I will free at last and get sufficient money to start my label.
In my dream, I want to have a cafe too. I'll name it "puke rainbow"! Okay I think We will talk about my dream in other opportunity. Here I wanna share my favorite fashionable girlband, F(X)
Newest album of f(x) is really beat up! I love the music and the fashion too. What a simple and great mix 'n match. Many people consider SNSD and 2ne1 as the most fashionable girlband. But I think you need to watch electric shock MV and see how many outfits they wore and how stylish it is. Really appropriate to teen's fashion

Krystal! Love your way to tuck in the front part of your top and let the back part out

You rock it up too SULLI!

Cant say anything . Really love how she tied her loose tee at her back. I once did it and my parents thought I was freak but they said that It was cool too. You clear it up Krystal! Thats fashion!

By the way I went to TMII, but I couldn't go to the technology museum cause I and my friends were left by my friend's father that brought car. So enjoy the nearby museum!
Me with my friends , at reptile museum, touching a phyton

I don't like this poisonous snake. but its colour is really colourblocking!<3

she is so cute! I mean the snake

I was wearing my favorite sheery stuff covered with my vintage top. I ever posted about this outfit. Unbelievable that they can be mixed and matched! 
My new hat from Bali

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer everyday

I will go to TMII next Saturday to do school project, observe museum. I always love to go there as there are many interesting museums. I don't have a big interest in history except if you make it into a film or has mystery that hasn't solved yet. But, I do really like to go to science museum cause they have some science stuffs to play. One of my reasons to love science is applied Theory is really cool. Simple theory like static electricity and our respiration system can turn up into science stuffs(that I can play). Really love when I touch the dome of a Van De Graff generator and my hairs stand on end. So can't wait to go there!
I supposed to enjoy holiday to Bali but my mother has booked a flight before my holiday so she went there with her mother, brothers, and niece
This outfit supposed to be wore in Bali

Recently I think it's not good to tell too much opinion or wise advice without wise attitude too. So, I will start commit and decide everything wisely. Because words are worthy but with words and good behavior are more worthy!
jumpsuit: Anggun
knot top:Koi vintage

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Keep Spirit

Happy Sunday everyone! Tomorrow is Monday again and I have to face school days again that are going to be more and more fatiguing. Students from another school are enjoying the holiday now and they will have it two weeks forward.Meanwhile in my school, I will have holiday on friday and it only lasts for 10 days

I'm second-ranked student in my generation now. my score and the first are slightly different, what a pity right?But thank you,it teaches me a lesson that the people that work hard will get something better and we have to be sportive :) I think yeah, no matter what happen the most important is to be sportive.

Like I said, school cannot determine your future but school is important as the first step to the future.
But, students nowaday are not look like educated people. The purpose of school has been shambled. Intelligence is nothing without attitude. What's the different between poor and rich meanwhile the rich people are not educated and classy?The money right? Yeah those valuable papers...

I wish I can improve myself this year! I dont am I going to be the first again but I will be one of well-educate people!

In October, there will be a really lovely event of my school. I will tell you soon! Now I'm working as one of many artists for that event. I do really want to make a very-impressive art. I want to make an art that has a really deep meaning. I still have no idea what kind is it. But I absobloodylutely will work hard for it!
I love classic art with poetry and deep meaning of it. Hope I can make it then! :)
Yesterday my mom got many compliments. But not because of mere my achievement, but her achievement in styling! Congrats for mom:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

That Stranger

I leaped in happiness  that my new sponsor, FIRMOO was sending sunglasses!And happier when it arrived! It's a hot sunglasses.

I received the parcel when I returned home. see it? It is really well-designed as I wish :) I have been craving for this kind of sunglasses for a long time and at the end I got it!

Material of the product :Made of quality materials, plastic, these sunglasses, featuring super lightweight, are functioned as your eye shelter from the harm of UV rays. By offering effective eye protection from the harmful strong glare or UV rays, they are exactly what makes you chic in appearance and also promises you healthy eyes.
Reading this material I think it's a kind of goodies for fashion and also for our health. Use it if you're going to outdoor activity especially to beach. I dont think we really need it indoor except we are mafia lol. But anyway this is really great

And the girl in black and sunglasses. Why don't you put a curiosity on her?
Firmoo is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store.They sell glasses,sunglasses,etc. You can buy what you and choose the design. All of them are really in fashion. As the glasses is the new hot stuff for fashion, why don't you visit their site? CLICK HERE
Need glasses to near/farsighted too? You can find them there too!
Sunglasses: firmoo

By the way I received some awards from many lovely blogs and one of them is ERROR 1324
Firstly Thank you so much that you really like my blog , dear. But I think I'm not going to receive any awards again. I'm so sorry because I'm too lazy to post it. But I will appreciate it by sharing facts about me and answering some questions here :)

1.Currently shoesaddict!
2.The burden of group tasks will always be given to me
3.I love loyal readers. I am always couraged to post and post everyday
4.I intend to make an event for “overweight” people one day as a designer. I think everyone deserves to be stylist. I think the real way to support people in expressing style is not to wear fashionable stuffs by myself(its pathetic how they adore to wear outfits like we wear) but donate fashionable stuffs for people that cant afford it

Here my answers for your questions:
D: What are the 5 ultimate ‘must have-s’ that every woman/man needs in her/his closet, according to you?
J:1. Underwears :p I don’t know if you like not to wear underwear? Its important. Inner 'middle' beauty is underwear i think. Thats why I also love beautiful underwears.
2.T-shirt . Simple and fashionable, always. Its timeless fashion!
3.Shoes. We need shoes as footwears too,not only for fashion.
4.Jeans. Why do I choose jeans rather than pants? Timeless fashion and always loveable
5.Your uniform. As a student. This is my priority to avoid punishment

D: What do you do for living and what is your dream job?
J: I’ll do what I want and gaining money from it. My dreamjob are to be designer, politician and teacher.

D: What would you do with the money if you win the lottery
J: I dont want to be hypocrite sooo
1. Buy new outfits
2. Save it
3.Sharing it if I have money left

D: What do you do when you’re miserable?
J : mumbling and crying maybe? Then I realized how fool I am

D: What is the most original present you ever received and made?
J: your prayers. I never received something really special as a gift, I think only prayers for me that's original.

D: What do you like and dislike the most in your partner?
J: partner? Friends? Sorry I still get confuse what do partners really mean but I will assume it as friends 
Like: I dont know why I like my friends. But I simply love them
Dislike : many things, how selfish they are, idiotic, shameful,etc

D: . What do you like about yourself the most?
J: because I am Jessica. I believe I am destined to be "someone". I like everything about me.I’m over confident sometimes. 

D: Who do you admire?
Too many people

D: What do you regret?
J:”Life’s too short to have regret”

D: What is your precious?
J: time. Its irreplaceable

D: Five things from your ‘to do’ list:
1Accomplish my homeworks from 1-5

Recent days I realized that many people cannot respect each other.Really hard to say "sorry" and"thanks". I don't know why but I always avoid problems by saying "thanks" and "sorry" first. I think I will be forgiven if I say sorry and ya of course I won't do it again. What do you think about sharing problems in media social? It will ruin everything? and make new problems. Okay I won't do it again. But It would make me exploded if the one that said "it's not wise to critic someone on media social or bringing problem to there" meanwhile they did it too. And even more than critics that I gave. What do you think about people like that? Wise people I really need your advice 

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