Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skull And Bones

It has been a really fatiguing week. And it's getting harder to take photo. Halloween is approaching and I'm going to be mainstream taking skull and bones from the grave to be my halloween accessories
We don't have the spooky ambeience here but it would be a very scary week! There will be 2 exams each day nonstop in this week. Moreover, I have to coordinate my teamworks. I hope I'll be lucky enough to take care of them.
I got this cute skull and bones tights less than IDR100/ $10!


I don't like November schedule, it's threatening students with lots of events.
I'm reading a good oldies, well it's not a really oldie after all, Sophie's world from Jostein Gaarder. Open your mind wider with this book, a great blend of mystery, history, philosophy and fantasy !
There are many great people with their wise mind and opinion, a book which speak up your questions

My wishlist is what I wore then from Topshop! Amazing collection that you can find!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Big sorry for late post. I'm currenty spending time reading books. Well, diving in a book makes my imagination flies. Here me with my floral top.

I borrowed this book from my friend, "Her Fearful Symmetry". I think she's obsessed with ghost and mystery related story now. The books that I borrowed from her has such a depressive ambience. Interesting but the end of the story(previous book:ghostgirl) is less satisfying. I heard that they would have another sequel. Looking forward for this book:)
And really sorry if I there are some mistakes in my posts and also not-polite action in this cyberworld, so sorry, I beg you forgiveness:)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aftertest+OASAP coupon code

Hello everyone! I’ve just finished my tests! What a pity one of the coming out score was not really good .I understand if you say I’m too ambitious , perfectionist and a disgrace person as I got 86.
But I think it’s caled "target", default standard,  Everyone’s cup of tea .Lower than target disappoints me as well.
Everyone has a target in their life so I hope you understand my situation now. I think our visions about something influent our target. We can have our opinion about something subjectively,  and like or dislike things because of our vision too.
Peope love certain things because of their own taste, came out from their mind, from what they want to.
Target comes out from people's desire, then mind spontaneously makes a target to gain from what they really want.
Okay okay thanks for your attention with my nonsense above,By the way here are some sneakpeak of outfit post that is scheduled to be posted on Monday:

Still remember my corporation with oasap? (link1,link2)
And you know that I’m a part of oasap fashion hunter right? If you do know, I have a really  good news for you! Hurry to sign up at OASAP NOW!
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SO? What are you waiting for? Hurry to sign up to oasap and happy shopping dearests!

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