Sunday, December 16, 2012


So It has been three weeks for posting nothing. I've received my evaluation report. I rue the lack in my attempt. why didn't I try harder? But actually the evaluation is bemusing! I thought I might get 8 for 2 or 3 lessons and it has no 8 in it (except 7 for sport). Sometimes this kind of this announcement worry me.
I don't know when I expressed my surprise about this to other people is considered as show off or not. Well, people tell me not to hearing people's opinions. Opinions is relative but advices and critics in their opinions look really important to me.

By the way... See what I got then~
Doodles legging! I got it below $10 or Rp 90.000! here it is
 I love to increase brightness :) It does make the photos look better
Just a random pose. does this look weird?

doodle legging-ms half tank top- dust cardigan- sneaker of converse-chicnova bracelet

It is a story and some advices about the myself as newbie in buying stuffs from online shop
One day, chicnova an amazing online shop sent me shorts and headpieces(that is not delivered until now. It looks like they will tell me again about vague address)
So, I try to buy( actually it's a little prize from chicnova) a little bracelet with quotes on it. Nah I don't really like Justin Bieber and I got "never say never" quote on it. I try to feel graceful to receive it because it consumed efforts and shameless (actually it's not really shameful thing) act to get it
Started by an e-mail from chicnova customer service( they have a great customer service so I think it's great to share their amazing treatment and promoting them) that sey "my parcel has reached you" but the address is wrong.(Never understand what's wrong in my address because I always use the same address and some of my parcels receive nicely without this long problem)
The customer service asked me my full address and gave me the number of Indonesian post or the shipment company. I called them and they told me that they couldn't do anything without the tracking number(I will say that they're rude because they seem like annoyed with precise cal. I told them back and they gave me the tracking number and I called the shipment company. They told me that there are no such of tracking number.
I asked again for chicnova customer service about another tracking number. Happily they told me about it + the site of the (other) shipment company. It seemed that they sent my parcel through them and they handed the parcel to Indonesian post. So I asked the assistance of that shipment company through the site. Eventually, the Indonesian post company called me and asked for the 'detail' of my house address and I gave information about the building around and my father's name. They told me that they'll send it on monday. They didn't deliver it on Monday so I contact the (other) shipment company and it seemed that they called them again and they delivered the bracelet at the next day. It took two weeks after the e-mail of Chicnova customer service
At the end I thanked them for their hard and excellent and also their FRIENDLY work.
So I got the lesson and concluded the ways to overcome parcel that hasn't received yet
1. Contact the online shop and asked them the tracking code+ shipment company site
2. tracked your parcel through the site
3. Complained!
4. Wait until they sent it to you

So don't just cry over and mumble, but do some efforts about it!

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