Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Stole Flowerbuds For Autumn Stock

I guess you have tired with "Hello. I've been away for a long time. I was so busy blablabla." so I will change my line.
Here are some photos before my speech
 My eyes look creepy

[Outfit part]
Blazer-FV1 Blazer
Braid Bracelet-Clothingloves
Bangle with words-Chcinova
I think I might be a big fans of flowers now.I’m trying hard to take a baroque print along with me, but buying nice clothes with that kind of print is pretty hard here.  My budget is not supporting too. Is there any convenient thrift or secondhand goodies in Jakarta? I wonder.
So, here it comes. Full of flowers again... with my new blazer! Believe it or not I bought it from my school. It is a school blazer!(and it’s oversize!).
I think they got good taste in fashion! The same as my junior high school uniform. The batik and girl scout’s hug my body well. I think my school’s Batik is the most unique(and most beautiful in my perspective). The main colour is fern green( Most batik  use brown).  Unfortunately, my junior high school has decided to change their uniform design to the ‘not-really-cute’ one.
Back to the outfit matter. My favorite thing about this photoshoot is my pose is getting better and I’ve tried new hairstyle. Yeah, double fishtail braid that might not match with the outfit. And also, colourful braid bracelet from Clothingloves.
To tell you the truth,I love all of here. I don’t know about your thoughts on it but does it matter? I'm really thankful to those whom gives me advices on comment section

[Extracurricular in new school]

I haven’t passed my JHS yet. But freshman days attract me so much. I have been thinking about what club will I take on SHS. I thought ‘ will it be interesting if I join graphic design?’ until my friends come with better idea.
Debate club.
You haven’t met me yet so you might not know how fussy I am. Usually, I am the spokesman in every debate/argumentation/presentation these recent 4 years. You may think I’m narcissistic and you’re right. Confident. It really helps me to talk.  I am best complained at my talking speed. Maglev train level.
I agree about this club. I might join this club. But, What do you think? What kind of club that suits me? 

[Hell Exam]

Last week, I was doing my national examination with heart-break. It was hard and unpredictable. It’s not efficient too. Too much stuffs to do. Too much wasting time procedure. It is a moment where students are treated like terrorist or corruptor or robber. The custody to prevent students to cheat are excessive.
Now, I can only pray

[Twist plot]
I still clearly remember about when do I start a new hobby. Making twist plot. I usually put a bad end, not happy ever after. Sometimes, it's funny, sometimes, it's touching. I am really grateful for people that support this hobby... and enjoy my twist plot story. I will make more for you!

 [Avid Reader]

This year is bookworm's year! I've read many books more than usual in this year(thanks for fellow bookworms that suggest many great books)! Not only school book, there are fiction, dystopian, psychology, self-help,conspiracy, comic, novel, etc.
I just want to make a list about books I've read
1.Fairy tail
2.Elfen Lied
3.Mirai Nikki
4.School days
5.Vampire knight
7.Maid sama
10.velvet kiss
11.candy candy
12.why bright kids get poor grades
13.Emotional intelligent
14.Sophie's world
15.Da Vinci's code
16.Angels and Demons
17.How Illuminati make a full undetectable mind control
20.History of God
21. Numbers
22.The masque of the red death
25.Silence of the Lambs
26.The one hundred things a girl should have
Thank you if you can suggest more stuffs that I can read during this long break. Pray for my national examination evaluation!

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