Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outfit ideas for Summer/Autumn with Sheinside

Hi everyone. Thanks for constant visit here^^

Anyway I made these collage in leisure. I have really nothing to do. I hope it can inspire your summer(until autumn) look! By the way this style is supported by sheinside! One of my fav online shop. they got amazing stuffs like always.
Here are some of outfit suggestion to wear in summer from sheinside 
 (read from left to right)

Crop tee

1- Skull and rose crop tee  2-Orange print crop tee 3-Glassess cat crop tee 4-Pink beads tassel tee  5-Bart Simpson print crop tee

In summer, what you need to rock is crop tee and shorts. It's so comfy in hot air. Another advantage is it's easy to be styled up with any items in summer.
Print crop tee is absolutely favorite! Anyway I saw many bloggers are in love with Bart simpson's printed stuffs. And yeah, they sell it!

printed blouse/ floral blouse

6-Floral chiffon blouse 7-Bart simpson denim print blouse 8-Polkadot floral chiffon blouse

Light material blouse is also a must-have in summer and of course can be used too in autumn. By the way I'm in love with Bart's printed stuffs since I saw it in veren Lee and Anas siantar's blog.

Unique print dress/ Beach dress

9-black lace dress 10-printed asymmetrical dress 11-beach dress

Unique dresses is simply adorable<3

Galaxy and Printed Leggings

12-galaxy leggings  13-Cross Printed Leggings 14-Snowflake Printed Leggings

Try to be different and outstanding with printed leggings!

Skater skirt/ asymmetrical Skirt


15-High waist floral skirt   16-Multi Zipper floral skirt 17-Black High Low skirt

Shorts - Spiky Bralet- Casual Tee

18-Spiky Bralet 19-Tee I need More Sleep 20-floral shorts 21-Print totem shorts

The last is vest and shorts that will make you more amazing in this summer! If you're daring enough, maybe you would love to wear this spiky bralet. Actually i think this bralet looks alike with Snsd's Yuri IGAB(I got A boy) spiky bra

See you in another post!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Versatility in Blog and FACEBOOK PAGE!

I know... I am  feeding you all with affiliate post and losing versatility. I just... don't want to disappoint the sponsors. Who is not grateful of free items?I tried hardest to do this kind of cooperation. And of course, good cooperation while doing your best in any job you're in.
Actually there are some stuffs that I really want to talk here. I'm feeling grateful if you read it :D
1. So happy after this hectic year! I can't believe that I have graduated from Junior High School. I was really worried about my National exam score. (Yeah coz I got my generation's 2nd best in my end term score but in my graduation test and National exam, I got 1st!).
I ensure myself that I can face this shitty announcement day. My friends were crying and praying when the envelope scores are being given to each student. Jesslyn tought that it's a vain to pray now but I didn't think so. Well it's useless to ask God to give them a miracle so that they got amazing scores and everything changed in a second. Except you're praying for your courageous heart and ready to get whatever inside the envelope.Religion can make you strong psychologically.
And what we got? We all passed the exam!

2. One of my friend stated that why she had to wear "mother-like'' clothings and how she found it's hard for her to get clothings like normal size people. I started to think what's wrong. I know, people with their own fashion stylist and lot of money can trick upon their 'less proportional' body. But, not everyone can hire stylist right? So what's the problem? I think The problem why some plus size people cannot find clothings that fit them perfectly is... fashion designer make a sketch on very thin model. Okay, tell me if you've ever seen a fashion woman body sketch that is not thin as hell. Maybe we have to take it as challenge?
3. My idea for free make up before prom. Go to Sogo and try a testimonial make up. If you're lucky enough, You will find a hair stylist promotion and have fun!
4. I think we will have another inflation because of the depreciation . US$1 is Rp10000 !Oh man... And government is blaming the fuel subsidy users(that most of them are rich people and not the public driver). What's a pity that they're going to stop it and allocate it to poor people(that might have ended on their bank account).
I guess we may start from human empowerment and emphasize our comparative advantage to support our economy. And I think we can start from food and another agriculture products with (absolutely) export quality. If it's possible to make products cheaper in country and higher price in other country... if just our food is too well known and many people like it(I do think we have many delicious recipes that still untouchable from whole world), it's possible that the tourism will increase too. Yeah, culinary heavenly destination with low price. Who won't like it?
The other problem that still making me wonder is why government cannot make a more assertive law about corruptor punishment. Example: a corruptor should hand over their royalty with the same amount as what they corrupted to government and then start to pay off foreign debt.
I still hope the best for this country...
5. A question from my sister's keeper(I wonder too! By the way it's a great book): If someone died in a very young age, would she/he be the same age in afterlife? But if she could choose and she wanted to be 30 in afterlife, who would find her then?
Quite interesting. But according to Al-Ghazali the dwellers of Heaven will exist eternally in a state of being age 33. Well we don't know
I'm so happy to tell you this. I have made a facebook fanpage that can make us closer. There will be more sneak peak about my upcoming post there. I would be really glad if you like it happily!
Like it please!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dangerous Anchor

My teacher has ever stated a reflection about our weather in tropical country. She said that how geography’s going to be useless lesson in the future. April should be a dry season but rain keeps pouring. Somehow so depressing for harvesting matter and not even benefiting for farmers in our agriculture nation.
And yet it’s really hard to take a photoshoot outside(I don’t like outdoor activity without friends). Sometime it’s hot and sometime it’s raining. So indoor is my favorite.
In holiday, it’s better to use easy going, casual and comfy clothing so this style is proudly presented. Here is an anchor top from evermissfashion. You would not like to be ‘not in style’ in this holiday. Holiday and esp summer is a time to express yourself!

Simple tee but so fashionable. Can't resist this. Evermissfashion is really something to check out now.

Top- Glitter

So, if you're going to pack outside, choose evermissfashion to support your style. This online shop sells most of cheap, branded and various kind of fashionable clothings. And it's in high quality. The shipping is incredibly fast! It will make no waiting if you're in urgent of Holiday schedule
Check their shop now on EVERMISSFASHION.COM

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sun in Prom Night

I was away for several weeks recently and the reason is I was not in mood in blogging/blogwalking as the announcement of National examination approaching
Unexpectably I got great grades and highest School and National Exam Score in My school. It relieved everything! And the night before, My school delegated a prom for farewell party. It was great.
By the way my look was supported with bellast!
Who are they? Bellast is a fine fashion jewelry online shop. Their collection will amaze you as soon as you arrive on the site. This ol shop mostly sells mesmerizing and stunning rhinestone stuff! There are pendants, bracelets, rings, etc.

 Come on! Don't miss the chance to get fashionable and affordable jewelries at bellast
Here are the photos of cute bellast pendant that I wore. It's so beautiful!

Why do I choose this?(Between many gorgeous jewelries that are hardly to choose one)
Hmm... The reason are simple
I like the shape.  It looks like a star or a sun. I am so interested with astronomy and recently have debate with my friend about some spacial occurrence.(That in fact lacking of knowledge. However it's so much fun!)
I like the colour. It's naturally blue. I am not a fan of blue but this calming colour is irresistible. It looks like a little isolated space when light falls on it.

Instead of my pendant,
You can find other pendants with large variations of colour and shape at bellast
They don't sell mere pendants, but the high quality ones!
I think this pendant is pretty catchy. It seems like 'sun' is giving its light to you. What is so surprising, this pendant can equalize the full print lace.
And It won't loose from the string even if you turn over it with open clasp.In other words, it won't change its steady position. There's no worry of losing the pendant. Beautiful rhinestone, strong clasp, shining string. Perfect match

After all I really love this

If you want to see the full list of jewelries, check their website at and pinterest here

Graduation post coming soon

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