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Outfit ideas for Summer/Autumn with Sheinside

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Anyway I made these collage in leisure. I have really nothing to do. I hope it can inspire your summer(until autumn) look! By the way this style is supported by sheinside! One of my fav online shop. they got amazing stuffs like always.
Here are some of outfit suggestion to wear in summer from sheinside 
 (read from left to right)

Crop tee

1- Skull and rose crop tee  2-Orange print crop tee 3-Glassess cat crop tee 4-Pink beads tassel tee  5-Bart Simpson print crop tee

In summer, what you need to rock is crop tee and shorts. It's so comfy in hot air. Another advantage is it's easy to be styled up with any items in summer.
Print crop tee is absolutely favorite! Anyway I saw many bloggers are in love with Bart simpson's printed stuffs. And yeah, they sell it!

printed blouse/ floral blouse

6-Floral chiffon blouse 7-Bart simpson denim print blouse 8-Polkadot floral chiffon blouse

Light material blouse is also a must-have in summer and of course can be used too in autumn. By the way I'm in love with Bart's printed stuffs since I saw it in veren Lee and Anas siantar's blog.

Unique print dress/ Beach dress

9-black lace dress 10-printed asymmetrical dress 11-beach dress

Unique dresses is simply adorable<3

Galaxy and Printed Leggings

12-galaxy leggings  13-Cross Printed Leggings 14-Snowflake Printed Leggings

Try to be different and outstanding with printed leggings!

Skater skirt/ asymmetrical Skirt


15-High waist floral skirt   16-Multi Zipper floral skirt 17-Black High Low skirt

Shorts - Spiky Bralet- Casual Tee

18-Spiky Bralet 19-Tee I need More Sleep 20-floral shorts 21-Print totem shorts

The last is vest and shorts that will make you more amazing in this summer! If you're daring enough, maybe you would love to wear this spiky bralet. Actually i think this bralet looks alike with Snsd's Yuri IGAB(I got A boy) spiky bra

See you in another post!


  1. Really love the Bart Simpsons stuff :D :D! Super cute :)

  2. Oh my. I totally love the beach dresses.


  3. I ♥ it! I want the galaxy leggins ♥ I want all these clothes ♥ Great blogspot, great post, great choice ♥


  4. i did not any clothes from sheinside. would like to know about their quality

  5. Awesome post!!

  6. I love the floral print ones Jesille! Really pretty!!! :) Want them also :)

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  7. amazing post :) they are great clothes ;)

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  9. Oh I do really love these crop tops, need to get one for myself! Amazing clothes you put together, looks awesome :)

  10. Great picks! I like the crop tops :)


  11. Great selection. I just ordered the first crop top. :)

    Style Without Limits

  12. awesome selection...lets follow each other on bloglovin and GFC

  13. love your choices! especially the dresses.. They're stunning! :)

  14. Amazing stuff! ♥ - Follow my blog Dear :) - Like my FACEBOOK ♥

  15. love the cropped tops!

  16. Love the blouses <3


  17. I love the cropped top with Bart Simpson-print! It's so cool

    xo Sootjeelina

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  28. I like the crop tops!

  29. Love prints in clothes! It has a great vibrant touch in each outfit.
    thanks for visiting my blog

  30. I love your little boards you've put together,I also love doing this,great for window shopping and for fashion inspiration,I love all the funky bold prints on the crop tops,so cool and cute x fab post,hope your having a wonderful week x

  31. I love that printed blouse,it's so pretty :)

  32. Que peças lindas adorei

  33. Chouette cette ceinture avec les lettres, belle soirée suz d orleans

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  35. Beautiful selecction, we love those tops!!!
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  37. The second printed skirt is absolutely lovely!

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  40. Love those pieces especially the dresses!

    Style | Reader

  41. you have a nice taste!
    i love the dresses and skirts


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  44. I love the 9th outfit. And the croptee really perfect for this summer!

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  46. omg the spike bra is to die for!!!!<3333333333

  47. Love crop tops, they're so cool :)

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