Sunday, September 8, 2013


Gosh, you can't believe how messy my life now. I was putting lifestyle label for my blog and I think it need to be re-considered! Senior High School is critically a joke as the 2013 curriculum interfering students life.
I hope I will have some time to write about my midterm test. It is starting in Thursday until the next Thursday. 3 lessons a day, no remedial, and crazy lessons combination coming. Urgh I'm not going to destroy this post

By the way this cute crop top from Chicnova ! Yes yes Chicnova
I know summer in the north of earth is ending but this crop top can be your supply! In my country, I'm not really sure to wear this everywhere but actually going to beach with this... Like a dream

I gotta tell you that this top is so perfect and comfy! What I don't expect is the elastic skirt. It makes you move freely!
Oh yeah about chicnova, our lovely store, it has a super fast shipping. I've ordered it in a day and it took no longer than 1 week to arrive. Superfasttt!
Thanks for the read and now grab the stuffs in ONE CLICK

Where to buy:
Crop top- Chicnova
Bodycon Skirt- Chicnova

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