Saturday, November 2, 2013

What if It's a Typical Girl Problem?

Hello! I know what a bad comeback from me. I am too lazy to write anything as my crazy school is exhausting me. There are many things happened.
Such as, I love to read books again and productively finished 4 books per month or my friend is getting a boyfriend like other girls.
Thinking about this making me sure that I'm still a teenage girl with that typical girl problems. I'm also asking myself about what I used to think bad or good has changed now. I have looked some things in many perspective.
Such as is it okay to kill humanity trash or not? Then I look back about their history and how it has been so pathetic and we took their chance to change or create a new story for their life. Or about can I be a vegetarian? Thinking about how cruel killing cows. What if human is not superior species and we're just bred like chicken to wait our death... or to be eaten by other superior species?
But we claim it as what makes us special. We have mind, designed as superior in this world. And our anthropocentric ancestors even ever stated a theory about human as the center of planet because we know it from what we see... although it's not the reality.(We haven't even known if universe has a centre or not)

Over those things, I have my own typical girl problems. I have repeated it now.
I mean such as what clothing I am going to wear, is it too provocative? too ugly? not stylish? and what these conservative people think about me wearing this?
Most of all, I'm wondering is it safe to buy things via online shop? Is it really good? Will it fall perfectly on me like it is on model. Will i get flattery by wearing this?
So here is AUPIE that brings choice to our typical girl problems. AUPIE offers many clothings to satisfy ourselves. We can get inspirative collection and buy it here
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