Friday, December 27, 2013

White Tart and Jack

I think it's been pretty long since the last time I said I would post something new. I'm sorry as you see there are many unpredictable things to do. However, I manage to recover from stiff problem
Today we would like to introduce you !

I believe it's not a mere issue if there are many online shop with overprice stuffs. Ah I can't tell now but I would love to introduce that has realistic price for stuffs you bought. And the quality ? got A+!

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 Tartan clutch that I forgot to wear when I posed. By the way buy the sparkling necklace at


Monday, December 9, 2013

Some Recent Activities

Heyaa! It's december again! Not really sure if anyone notice this post like usual, a fashion blog thought post in my fashion blog is underrated. Well I don't think someone cares when I'm telling b*llsh*t here.
I just want to share my recent activities. I am interested in chemist recently. I learn it more and have homework to do.
I know my photos quality is still bad I feel bad about it. I mean it's not easy for me to get good camera.
So, I will have some new photos post soon. Sorry if my grammar is bad here:D

Do you know that half of my face is paralyzed this week?
I think it's Bell's Palsi and according to wikipedia it can be healed without treatment. I have been thinking to go to doctor but I don't really trust them. You see, neurological doctor need to be paid and it's not cheap. I also don't really think specialist doctor is really a specialist after seeing many doctor that too hurry to diagnose his/her patients. Currently, my friend wants to be a doctor too. My teacher tells me to be a doctor because... They got many money. They're telling it in a very honest way.This day, many people is really close-minded and being greedy.
Isn't that true?
This environment demand you to fulfill your lifestyle. The cleverer you are, better job you get, higher salary for you.
But actually I don't want that. Although I've said that I must say that it's not really easy for poor people to get food so how can they get a camera?
With this condition, people's mind is being reconstructed then their mindset is about having money quickly. What a pity .... It's more pathetic when you know, a "pengemis" or beggar is richer than you! In my country, there's an odd phenomenon called a rich beggar.
So they go to Jakarta, begging for money and even earn 1000k Rupiahs or about 100 dollar a day! How lucky! And what make them looks like a bastard is after they buy car(CAR! I MEAN A REAL CAR! A BEGGAR HAVE A CAR! FROM BEGGING),They're still a beggar now.
That's what I expect from seeing many beggars here. They're no longer a very miserable people just too lazy.
I don't understand. Seriously. How can money make people this happy. and gaining money easily make them greedy.
If you're working hard, studying hard and become someone with high payment, I will at least have respect to you. Especially if what you're doing is what you like and you're doing it not for money only.

This place make someone so judgemental. They curse people that get money easily but secretly they wish they can too. But at least do some real effort. You don't want to be rich because of mercy right?

So. I am being so absurd about this post. Too many feelings to revealed.
Especially about half of my face. It's getting better now but I can't stand cold air. When it's exposed to cold, it becomes stiff.
However, I think it's pretty interesting to know about it by yourself first before asking doctor what the hell is happening. If it's not getting better, I'd go to them.
I will make sure they know all the pain. Not only guessing. I hate doctors without ethic code... and even conscience. Doctor held a great responsibility and human's body is not a thing that volunteers to be a malpractice object.

 By the way I can understand why people say they're searching safety in religion. Even in human rights, they have right in feeling safe. Well, no one is actually guarantee our safety. Our home is not safe too.
Learn geography and see how earth can crush your body easily.
So it's better to do some good things:)
(I know it's reallyyyyy HAAARDD)

Thank you if someone reads this.
Iwill be back with new post

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